The installer prompts you to open the page in the App Store. Click "Open"

The installation program will prompt you to install the application with your name. Click "Install"

On your device's screen the installation begins. It may take some time, sometimes more than the installation from the App Store. It happens that the installation of the application is transparent, the application appears later at some time. If it seems to you that the installation is hunging - put it on pause by pressing on the icon and restart by pressing on the icon.

After a successful installation, start the app, you can see a warning screen "Unreliable developer." This additional protection is from the Apple company, which appeared in iOS 9.

Open the settings by clicking on the icon on the main screen of the device.

Select "Device Management". Sometimes it is called "Profiles" or "Profiles and Controls. Device."

Choose the company name "Ekstradiya OOO"

Confirm that you trust the seleted company, click on the "Trust" button.

Click on the "Trust" button once again on the pop-up warning.

Make sure that "Ekstradiya OOO" trust button has replaced the button "Remove Programs" screen beside the application name.

Now you can run the application. Enterprise applications are removed similar to applications from the App Store.

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